Properties Internet

Private, secure, and unbelievably
fast Internet for your property.

Our goal is to change customer expectations by monitoring our network around
the clock and proactively fixing probems.
We uniquely offer local, proactive support at an affordable price.

Upgrading your property couldn’t be easier

Sundial will differentiate your property in a competitive market. Sundial service is
the most affordable way to upgrade your property. Ask us about free installation.

Simple installation

We typically use your property’s existing wire for a
simple and quick installation.

Fast Internet is a requirement in
a competitive market.


Sundial Internet will make your property more
attractive to buyers, tenants, and guests.

Proactive support

Internet service should never be inconvenient.
Our mission is to prevent your property staff
from hearing the words “it's not working”

Introducing truly wireless Wi-Fi

Sundial’s sleek wall-mountable Wi-Fi access point is included
with every subscription. Our access point doesn’t need to plug into
your power and so our Wi-Fi is truly wireless.

Call 888-378-1357 today.

Three simple steps
to receiving great
Internet service.


New fiber-optic circuit

Sundial will install a new, 1,000 or 10,000 Mbps fiber-optic Internet circuit and a redundant wireless link to your property.


Non-invasive installation

Our technicians are trained and supervised professionals who will use your existing conduit and wiring where
available and upgraded your wiring with minimal impact to your property.


In-home service

We mount our sleek wireless access point flush to walls
inside each home and don’t rely on in-home power. This allows us to provide a truly wireless solution.

A wireless solution designed for properties.

From luxury high rises to smaller developments, learn more about how our system is designed to
handle all types of propertys and market segments.

The first choice for fast internet

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New renovation, new amenity

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Modern living, afforable prices

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We’re anything but typical.

We go above and beyond to create a happier experience. Hear from some of the property
managers we’re already working with, and learn how we’re elevating the residential experience
while making operations easier.

“I want to thank you for being so patient with me, for taking the time to go through all the particulars one by one, and for accommodating certain needs peculiar to [our property.] You made the experience of contracting with a new Internet and cable TV provider much more pleasant and comprehensible than I ever thought it could be.”
- Beach resort HOA board member

"Internet speed and connectivity are no longer an issue and Sundial has provided our owners an extremely fast and reliable Internet service. Our owners are VERY pleased with the service [Sundial] provides and there are NO outstanding concerns and/or issued."
-Ski resort HOA board approved letter